Saturday, September 12, 2009

School days, School days, Good ole' golden rule days....

Has it really been 5 weeks since my last blog post? Well really, I HAVE blogged. It's just that the blogs haven't made it from my head to my fingers.

When it comes to August, I hear most parents moaning, "Oh! I can't wait for school to start!" But not most homeschool moms. Instead, we are panicking, "Oh, no! School is about to start!" So, my August was spent making all the last-minute preparations that still needed to be made in order to begin another school year. And after spending my month gathering up curriculum and finalizing lesson plans, we officially started school...and ended summer...on August 31.

So, here we are. We have made it through our first two weeks! So far we are off to a great start. The kids have been working and studying diligently. They have approached our school days with willing and cooperative attitudes. For this I am grateful! It definitely makes our schooling better!

Elisabeth and Grant are studying American History this year (this is fast becoming MY favorite subject as I inch my way through the book, America, The Last Best Hope by William Bennett.) I LOVE reading about our country's history...and God's hand in it's formation! Elisabeth is studying Calculus and Grant Algebra! (Isn't math AWESOME!?!?!) Elisabeth has enthusiastically begun her Physics class and is already thinking about her final project for the year. Grant has begun his first year of foreign language; he is studying Spanish while Elisabeth is continuing Russian. Both older kids are also studying the Life of Christ this year...although from different texts...but this, too, will be so good. I hope we all learn so much from these studies.

Gavin is continuing his Kindergarten studies. We ended May being 2/3 of the way through; so we will finish up and then begin 1st grade later this fall/winter. He is doing really well this year...and I am too as I strive for patience with this boy. God is good and is giving me insight into Gavin and how to work with him. And I am so thankful for it.

And Elaine is being so cheerful and diligent as she tackles her school work! She is continuing in the reading program we began last year (; this program took her from an unenthusiastic reader to one who LOVES to read and reads daily on her own! She is studying Zoology for science this year and is completely loving it! She remains our animal lover so this text is perfect for her!

We've already had 2 field/park days to hang out with friends. This coming week, we actually have two field to the Symphony and one to Shaw Nature Reserve--with more outings planned over the next few months. And on Tuesdays we continue our "Afternoons at the Y."

In addition, this year, I am teaching a group class. It is a Physical Science class with thirteen 7-9th graders (including Grant). We had our first class on Tuesday of this past week and it made me realize how much I really enjoy being in the classroom. The students were so polite, well-behaved, and, I think, maybe, even a little nervous. Some of them have never been in a "class" before. But it was fun...and watching them perform their lab was neat, too.

So, we're off to another busy school year! And I love it!

"Father God, guide me this school year as I guide our children. Teach me as I teach them. Use me as Your vessel to pour out Your love to Elisabeth, Grant, Elaine, and Gavin."

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