Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation 2009

This is the book I created documenting our vacation in May 2009.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My husband....

Today Mark and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married for 18 years...I mean, aren't we just barely that old ourselves? We thought, back then, that we had it all figured out. We knew what we were doing and where we were headed. But God---via life---had different plans for us.

Mark and I only knew each other 6 months and 1 day when we married. I look back now and think that was crazy---and maybe it was. But it is has all worked out. Our first date was a blind date...we had dinner with some mutual friends (the ones who set us up), then we went to a political fundraiser, and met up with other mutual friends after that. That first date lasted 12 hours; it just felt comfortable. How do you explain that? I remember when Mark took me to his parent's house for the first time; his dad was so funny. He graded me--giving me an A+ (the next day, that is, when Mark asked them what they thought of me). My sister was the first in my family to meet Mark; she said he looked like Saddam Hussein. (Huh??? Well, it was 1991...but really.) I have often accused my mom of keeping me around just so they can see Mark. (I KNOW he is Mom's favorite...)

I am truly blessed by this man! The longer we are together, the more I realize that Mark's love for me is the closest love to God's perfect, unconditional love that I have ever known. He puts up with my moodiness--even when he isn't sure just what mood I'm in. He loves me completely and passionately. He rubs my back and my aching legs--even when he is exhausted and has to get up early for work the next morning. When he sees that I'm getting overwhelmed, he steps in and to help me out. He would do just about anything for me. He listens to me and all my crazy ideas; and he supports me in every endeavor I have set out on. He always encourages me to run that last 1/2 mile or to make it to the top of the steep hill.

This weekend, we took 24 hours and got away. We camped out at Carlyle Lake and went on a 20-mile bike ride. Now, we aren't campers, usually; but we had a great time. Times like these make me look forward to the days when it is just the two of us together. I hope we'll still be able to go biking together...and maybe cross-country skiing...and definitely hiking. It will be fun to cook dinner and do the dishes together...and work in the yard and maybe even garden. Oh, but those years are such a long time away....I will focus on living today (while I dream of tomorrow).

"Father God, thank you for providing for me through this wonderful man! I love Mark so much and am so grateful that you brought him into my life. I've done nothing to deserve him or the love he so freely gives. He loves me when I am the least lovable. He is a portrait of you in my life. When I look in his eyes and see how deep his love is, I am reminded of how much more you love me. I stand amazed! And oh, that I would love him to the depths that he deserves."