Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brevity of Life...Celebration of Health

The last time I blogged, I was writing about having only 30 days to live. If I only had 30 days to live, what things would I change? Who would I make things right with? How would I spend my time?

When I planned my week out on Sunday, my Thursday included schooling the children, taking Grant to the orthodontist, going grocery shopping, and doing an Arbonne party. But plans are fleeting...

Today, I'm sitting in a hospital room next to my husband who just returned from having a cardiac catheterization.

It makes you think. Mark has done a lot of thinking---and little sleeping--the past two nights.

Are any of us ever ready to face our own immortality?

Death doesn't scare me. It really doesn't. I know the fate of my eternity. I have nothing to fear. But at the same time, dying is another story. Not knowing how it feels or what it is like scares me a little. The idea of leaving my children and family concerns me, especially the thought of leaving them unexpectedly--unplanned.

None of us are guaranteed anytime on this earth. We never know when "our time will come." We do know that we will all spend an eternity somewhere.

The good news for us today is that Mark is healthy. His heart is strong and his arteries are clear. We are thankful to have this news today. We will be heading home in just a bit; he'll be resting for a couple days; and we'll still go on our vacation next week.

Life as usual.

But will it be? We will enjoy the kids a little more, linger on the deck a little longer in the evening, hold hands a little more, chat with friends a bit more. I think we'll focus on our relationships and the people who matter to us.

No, not life as usual...but life better!