Friday, January 22, 2010

The little boy who stole my heart

   Fourteen years ago today, I was in the hospital preparing to deliver my second baby--our first son.  Grant came into this world at 3:12 on January 22nd, 1996.  After Elisabeth had been born, I could not imagine being able to love another child the way I loved her.  But from that very first moment I held this new baby boy, my heart grew exponentially; and he filled the space.  Through the years, he has continued to steal my heart.  
  Grant entered the world without a thought of caution.  In fact, just as I was about to deliver him, there were minor complications; but he made it through without a moment's hesitation and was born perfect and healthy. This is how he continues to approach life.  Even to this day, I'm not sure if he has ever thought about something twice before doing it.  If he has an idea, he goes with it....whether good or bad.  As a mom this can be quite maddening at times.  In fact, it drives me quite batty.   But it is how God has wired him.
   Grant has a cool demeanor and seems to have so much self-confidence.  It surprises me.  He cracks me up with the stories he makes up and tells or in the morning when he has to tell me every single detail of the dream he had the night before.  He loves playing with little children and it makes my heart swell to watch him play with them.  He is becoming a musician, and I am always surprised by his natural ability to "hear" the music.  He's not too cool  to build with his Legos or have Nerf wars.  He is at the age where he tries to "show up" his dad every chance he gets...but Dad can still take him in most things.   He enjoys reading, but he is also athletic.  And although he will say that he "hates" school, he is very smart.  (He just doesn't want anyone else to know it.)  Grant has never had a lack of friends, either.  Whereever he goes, people are drawn to him.  I think it is because he accepts people for who they are.  I've been moved by his compassion toward those who are hurting.  For instance, one year for his birthday he asked for no presents.  Instead he asked for family and friends to give money to donate to the victims of the big tsunami that his Indonesia.
  I am excited to see how God is developing him into a strong young man.  My prayer is that he will be a godly influence to those around him.  I pray that he will allow God to continue to work in his life and be moldable to God's working.
   Happy Birthday Grant!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Janet W